There is no question that good communication lies at the heart of well-being at work, effective team work and management of stress. How we communicate affects how we work together and our work environment. And what’s best – communication is about concrete acts that you can learn!

Good communication allows everyone draw on their strengths!

At work, our aim is to focus on the job at hand, whatever it is we are working on at the time.

In a constructive communication environment, we understand how the way we communicate affects the whole work place and our interpersonal relations. Everyone can draw on their own strengths, enriching the work environment with our different ways. How to create an accepting and positive work environment that will inspire and motivate?

In RAKATA, we believe in inspiration. Active exercises and spontaneous discussions in a safe environment can help inspire us. As communication professionals, we have witnessed the power of active exercises in all learning.

Through easy exercises and spontaneous discussions in a safe environment, we will address conflicts and other difficult issues at work, guided by experienced facilitators. Our trainers are professional actors, and we can bring our acting experience in all our training modules, if needed. Through playing different scenarios, we’ll help you identify both strengths and pitfalls in your work environment.

Please contact us if you are looking for entertaining and energising training for your work place. Our trainers are experts in their fields and our joint experience covers almost all fields of work and spans over 20 years. We have worked both for Finnish and international companies.


Kirsti Kuosmanen

Elina Stirkkinen

Mikael Rejström

Tobias Zilliacus

Sari Siikander


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